Q - How do you feel about annexation? Do you think Mount Pleasant should continue to expand and/or focus on filling in “doughnut holes” within the existing town limits?

A - We are not allowed to "fill in donut holes" unless the landowner wants to come into the town. We are not allowed to annex to make the town larger at will. Council must wait until people want to annex. I believe if their land is contiguous and they apply for annexation, it has to go to a vote. If a neighborhood wants to annex they must have an election and 75% must want to annex. I would seek counsel on annexation laws which would support our proactive approach on growth.

Q - The Town recently imposed new licensing requirements on rental units. This makes affordable housing less affordable because these costs are passed onto tenants. Do you support these new fees?

A - Short term rentals must have a business license and a permit. I believe someone can own up to two rentals before being required to acquire a license. If we are not careful, and mindful we could turn our town from a residential community to a short term rental, tourist trap. Also don't forget short term rentals are limited to 1% of our residences so all affordable long term rentals won’t disappear. Thank you for the question!